The A To Z Of Fuckin’ Everything Vol.1 is a snapshot of the world as it looks right now in 2016. Pretty fuckin’ exhausted. More of a punk pamphlet than traditional book it’s written in a sound-bite format even an over privileged, under employed, millennial or FOX News anchor could understand. Anyway, who reads books anymore? Old ladies and abacus makers that’s fuckin’ who.

The A To Z Of Fuckin’ Everything Vol.1 screams through the alphabet from America to Zombie Apocalypse stopping off at Death, Hollywood, Kids and War and shines a light on fuckin’ everything along the way.

Writing like he’s in pain Oliver Green breaks every fuckin’ thing in the world down and vomits it out onto some pink paper in bite sized chunks of goodness like a mother penguin on meth. The result is perfect for your frazzled, short-burst, fingered, kicked and social-media-battered attention spans or for the long toilet breaks that our macro-paleo-gluten nil-raw-real diets inflict on our bowels. It really is a pile of shit-erature.

“The A To Z Of Fuckin’ Everything Vol.1 is bonafide wankerpedia”
Says author, Oliver Green.

Oliver Green is an anger fuelled miscreant who is made more furious by over worshipped pop culture, accepted evil, religious fuckery, spiritual materialism, sound bite douchery, Caucasian-lameness, over crowded band wagons and pointless cruelty that surrounds us. And like all middle aged white males who has never known hardship, conflict, hunger or real adversity he believes that his voice is somehow special and he's uniquely qualified to give the world his remarkable point of fuckin’ view so felt he needed some sort of platform for his soft-bellied opinions to be heard… but instead he wrote this piece of nonsense.

This book has no narrative, no publisher, no editor, no reviews, no readership and no fuckin’ hope of making it on any fucking lists and if you like it chances are you aren’t fuckin’ Oprah. 

“If you’ve got nothing nice to say - party at my place"
Oliver Green
Author / Father / Oxygen Consumer